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Ombi is a digital twin app to feel what a place is really like

The immersive video structure lets guests guide themselves through the experience to feel the ambiance & see the food for themselves.

Gen Z & Millennials share videos to receive gratitude when restaurant-goers go to a place from their post (by making a reservation, saving, sharing, or opening directions).

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"Ombi shows the in-between factor”

Jason Chavenson

Michelin Star Chef - Bar Spero

Space video structure:

"phase tabs" let guests guide themselves through interior / outdoor spaces + sections of the menu. This emulates an in-person experience & organizes spatial information (inspired by VR walkthroughs).

Experience > efficiency:

Experiential info (visual, sensory) is prioritized over location to connect restaurant-goers with the best experience for a specific occasion. Users browse a city through a video thumbnail UI rather than a map (videos are organized by experience > location > creator).

Designing into users’ decision making process:

1. Filter by experience type & neighborhood (e.g. dinner in Mission District)

2. Preview videos of restaurants’ ambiance & menu to create expectations

3. Share / choose: share web-app link w/ friends in message threads

4. Book & go: make a reservation, open directions, save to profile


  • Owned product strategy, product development, user research (250+ interviews), UX design, prototype testing, 2-sided marketplace growth, fundraising, recruiting, partnership development.

  • Co-led product design, engineering, brand design.

  • Built iOS app in Swift w/ UIKit, AVFoundation, Firebase API, Cloudinary API, Mixpanel API, etc.

  • Recruited & led team of 2 engineers & 1 product designer.


Ombi was derived from the need that my friends in SF wanted to see & feel the restaurants & cafes in SF, NYC, LA when choosing rather than just reading a text review.

design process

design process

design process

  • user interviews (mom test)

  • Principle prototype

  • iOS mvp

  • iOS full version

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